Over and Out

Digital Vision had kept expanding its sales and developing new products, but its Board of Directors (the Pratts) were starting to feel incapable of continuing the growth without bringing in outside investment. In the process of investigating such avenues, we were approached by a pair of individuals interested in running and growing a small technology company, backed by business acquaintances with the resources to propose an acquisition. The Pratts were, frankly, a little burned out at the time and felt a little in over our heads. We also felt that the proposed agreement would be best scenario for the good of the company and its employees.

So in 1995 the ownership of Digital Vision changed hands, with the Pratts staying on for a while to help ease the transition. The new owners took on more space in the building (about half again) and greatly increased the amount of money spent on marketing. Sales, however, failed to respond in proportion and profitability declined. Then, tragically, the CEO met an untimely death (a bicycle accident), and things fell apart further. Ultimately, the company was sold to a competitor, and Digital Vision became a memory.

But for those involved for all those years, it's a very happy memory! The company had been a family-owned business, but the entire group of people who worked (and played) with us every day all felt like family.

It was a good ride. A really good ride.

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