Apple Macintosh

This was another no-brainer for two reasons: The first was that Apple's Macintosh addition to their product line was a leap forward in terms of performance and user friendliness, and was sure to sell in large numbers. And the other was that the Mac used the same processor as the Atari ST, and we already had a guy who knew how to program that machine. So into the Macintosh world we jumped!

Three Macintosh ComputerEyes models were produced over the years, with increasing speed and performance:

  • The first Mac ComputerEyes was a monochrome slow-scan version (as with the ComputerEyes families). It connected to the Macintosh via either of the printer or modem ports (serial mini-DIN connectors) and sent the digitized video samples to the computer with 256 shades of gray. The image quality was quite good and many people used the product in desktop publishing applications.
  • After that came ComputerEyes/Pro, which captured slow-scan, full-color images and plugged into the Macintosh II using one of the computer's NuBus slots.
  • And finally came ComputerEyes/RT (for Real Time), which was a full-fledged color frame grabber and connected to any Macintosh via the SCSI interface.
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