Apple II/IIe

The quality of Apple II graphics continued to improve, both natively in the Apple IIe (twice the resolution of the original Apple II) and through the use of third-party graphics plug-in boards. In order to take advantage of this, we wanted to design a ComputerEyes that would capture images that were at least as good as the graphics could display. Our solution, released in 1987, was ComputerEyes/2.

Since higher quality images required more data to be captured, the use of the Apple II's game port was out. ComputerEyes/2 was designed on a circuit board that plugged into one of the Apple's seven I/O slots inside the computer. This provided access to the processor's data bus and allowed much faster transfer than via the game port.

ComputerEyes/2 was still a black-and-white slow-scan device requiring six seconds to capture an image, but all of the gray levels were captured at once, and there were 64 of them! This resulted in images of excellent quality (for the day). A 12-second scan mode was also provided that produced images with even higher resolution. ComputerEyes/2 replaced the original ComputerEyes, which was the company's first product to become obsolete!

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