Apple IIgs

Color arrives! The earlier Apple models (and Commodore and Atari machines) could display graphics with color, but there was a palette of only a few colors available on the screen at any given time. This was fine for a lot of things but was totally inadequate for displaying real-world images. Then Apple came along with its Apple IIgs model (the "gs" meaning graphics and sound) which could display 256 concurrent colors. This opened the gates!

We went to work designing a version of ComputerEyes based on the ComputerEyes/2 plug-in board but with color decoding circuitry added up front and three analog-to-digital converters instead of one (to digitize the red, green, and blue outputs of the color decoder. Then software was written to determine the best 256 colors to use for the scanned image. The result was some pretty life-like color image capture (for its day), and a large number of ComputerEyes/GS models went out the door.

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